Dearest Jim,

"Almost seven years ago, you took a huge chance when you offered to rent Howe Street to me.  I was so grateful for your trust and belief that I was indeed the right person for the home. 
Over the years you responded quickly to any of my property needs.  You consistently supported my request and sent your maintenance staff or a professional to handle the work. 
You were my greatest supporter in continuing my lease so I would not have to worry about where I would live. 
It just wouldn't be right for me to leave without thanking you, Jim for all you have done.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a place I could call home."  
"With overwhelming gratitude, Jean" September 5, 2018

“Jim Wilder is everything you could hope for in a property manager.  He is a great asset in every phase of life in a rental property--from evaluating for purchase to preparing for sale.  He is very professional and pleasant to work with at all times.  He is excellent at screening tenants.  Once the property was purchased and prepared to rent, we just sat back and waited for the income to be deposited in our bank account each month.  I couldn't recommend anyone more highly to manage such a valuable asset as a rental property.”

                                  - Cherie Collister


“Doann and Jim Wilder worked with us with skill and efficiency. We were very pleased with their professionalism and their desire to meet our needs.” 

    - Jeanine Kitchel & Paul Zappella


“ I would like to express our heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation for the professional, knowledgeable, and friendly service provided to us by the Wilders. They are a great team and we would recommend them to handle your rental/investment property”                         

- Mr. Peter DuFosse


"Thank you for another great year of caring for our property.  I appreciate your attention to detail.  I'm so grateful for your service." 

- L. Payne


"Thank you so much for managing our property.  You are so reliable and accomplish everything so professionally.  We appreciate how easy and carefree it was to have you as our Manager!" 

Connie & Dan Yurkovich  

"We wanted to thank you for being such a great Property Manager. When ever we needed anything you were on it and it was fixed right away.  I can honestly say that it was one of the most positive property manager/tenant relationships we have ever had.  You were always professional which is hard to find."  Laurne-